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Hendricks County households only. The Yard Waste Recycling Centers are open from April through November and are for use by residents of Hendricks county. Businesses are prohibited from using these facilities. Pricing Guidelines: All pricing is determined by Yard Waste Recycling Center attendants. Bags of Grass/Leaves $.25 each and up depending on size Bundles of Twigs $.25 each and up depending on size Containers/Bags: up to 32 gallon $1.00 each 45 to 50 gallon $2.00 each 96 gallon or more $3.50 each Trucks and/or Trailers: 6′ capacity $6.00 per load 7′ capacity $7.00 per load 8′ capacity $9.00 per load 12′ capacity $18.00 per load 14′ capacity $22.00 per load Only organic material is to be left at these facilities. Tree stumps, sod, soil, building materials and plastic bags can not be deposited at the Yard Waste Recycling Centers. Firewood may be left at the Centers free-of-charge for others to pick up to use. Customers are responsible for unloading all material. Wood chips are usually available for free pick-up at the Brownsburg Yard Waste Recycling Center. Residents are urged to call ahead to confirm availability and are responsible for loading and hauling the wood chips.

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