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  • Analysis of Flexible Film Plastics Packaging Diversion Systems
    The purpose of this report is to explore and impartially report on the current flexible plastic film packaging trends and some of the opportunities,costs, and challenges associated with the diversion of all flexible films generated in the residential waste stream in Ontario. To this end, the Canadian Plastics Industry Association(CPIA),Continuous Improvement Fund, and Stewardship Ontario jointly sponsored this project. (2013)

  • City of Vancouver, WA: WRAP Campaign Report
    Plastic film contamination is a current concern affecting the efficiency of operation at the local Material Recovery Facility in Clark County, WA. In an effort to reduce the contamination and increase the amount of film recycled, the City of Vancouver, WA, launched a public education and outreach initiative with partners to encourage consumers to recycle plastic bags and film through return-to-retail programs.

  • It's a WRAP: Plastics Recycling Update, Feb. 2014
    The Wrap Recycling Action Program (WRAP) is a campaign designed to empower motivated stakeholders from kindergarten students to leading businesses to create communities of change agents. The common goal: to make plastic film packaging a commonly recycled commodity with a strong and evergrowing recycling rate. The campaign is looking for companies to join brands like Ziploc, Sealed Air and Wegmans and recognize the ways their customers value recyclability.

  • Plastic bag, wrap and film is recyclable at retail – Education Tools
    A public awareness campaign that empowers motivated stakeholders to help make plastic film packaging a commonly recycled material. Sign-up for a communication toolbox for public education, media support and technical assistance.

  • Plastic Film Disposal Cost Calculator
    This free calculator from the WRAP initiative allows you to determine the cost of your plastic bag and/or plastic film disposal and then estimate the economic benefit of setting up a collection program.

  • Plastic Film Recycling-Success Stories
    Find a variety of case studies on the recycling of plastic film.