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  • Definitions (pdf)
    Definitions of terms utilized in the State Measurement Template.

  • FAQs (pdf)
    Frequently asked questions on the State Measurement Program.

  • Materials Flow Diagram
    Proposed Solid Waste and Recovered Materials Pathways

  • Recycled Plastic Commodity Terms and APR Model Specifications, American Chemistry Council (pdf)
    A standard terminology for naming recycled plastic commodities and defining their contents to help streamline communications between buyers and sellers of recycled plastics commodities, reduce misunderstanding, and hopefully increase the yield of plastic bales.

  • State Measurement Template (doc)
    The State Measurement template consists of fifteen questions, and allows states to share information including annual tonnage data (waste, recycling and composting, etc.), descriptions of the types of waste, recycling programs in the state, and financial summaries of how the programs are staffed and funded.

  • State Measurement Template (live)
    View the 15 question template as presented in Re-TRAC Connect, without any data.

  • State SMM Resource Module (live)
    View the sustainable material management resource module as presented in Re-TRAC Connect, without any data.

  • State SMM Resource Module (pdf)
    The Sustainable Materials Management (SMM) Resource Module provides states access to information about other states’ waste reduction and sustainable materials management programs.

  • U.S. EPA Advancing Sustainable Materials Management: 2016 Recycling Economic Information (REI) Report (pdf)
    This report presents an understanding of the importance of recycling’s role to the nation’s economy, a new methodology that addresses key areas of uncertainty in the 2001 REI study and a framework that can be updated with new materials and data over time.

  • U.S. EPA Landfill Methane Outreach Program (link)
    LMOP offers an array of publications, tools and resources related to the development of landfill gas (LFG) energy projects. This page also links to various items of interest developed by other EPA programs or external organizations.

  • U.S. EPA Volume-to-Weight Conversion Factors, April 2016 (pdf)
    EPA’s 1997 report, “Measuring Recycling: A Guide for State and Local Governments”, was a guide to facilitate standardization of MSW data collection at the local level, which included volume-to-weight conversion factors for comparing recovery efforts between municipalities, regions and states. The factors are also valuable when planners work with the national recovery data presented in EPA’s sustainable materials management report series. This is an update to the volume-to-weight conversion factors.