Washington County Disposal Directory

Welcome to the Washington County Disposal Directory. Enter the material(s) you would like to recycle or drop off in the box above. If you would like to be added to this directory please click the "Join" button above.
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The Washington County Disposal Directory is provided by the Washington County Department of Public Health and Environment as a public service and is not an endorsement of specific businesses, services or products. The listed information may contain unintentional omissions and/or inaccuracies. Please call businesses or agencies to confirm hours, locations and charges for services, if any. For information on disposal of items not listed, call the Department directly at 651-430-6655 during regular business hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find more information on recycling and waste reduction?

For more information the MPCA and Reduce Waste can help.

What happened to the Residential Recycling and Disposal Guide?

You can find it here.