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default map pin icon 119 E Beaufort St, Normal, IL 61761, USA
Expanded listing for: Babbitt's Books
Hours of Operation

Monday – Saturday, 10am – 6pm, Sunday 12pm-4pm


Description: Any books in good condition. Not acceptable are Reader's Digest Condensed, romance novels, westerns, outdated textbooks and encyclopedias. Trade book for cash or credit on Mondays, Wednesdays, Saturdays.

default map pin icon 206 W College Ave, Normal, IL 61761, USA
Expanded listing for: Normal Public Library
Hours of Operation

Monday – Thursday, 9am – 9pm; Friday – Saturday, 9am – 5pm; and Sunday, 1pm – 5pm


Description: Books in good condition, but no textbooks, encyclopedias, magazines, VHS, or DVDs.

default map pin icon P.O. Box 65060, Calgary, AB T2N 4T6 , CA
Expanded listing for: Residential Recyclers
Hours of Operation

Curbside user pay service.


Description: Provide curbside recycling pickup to Calgary residents for a fee. Will accept broken glass containers. How to sort recycling for collection An easy way is like this. You are allowed 2 bins per week. * Put your newspapers,flyers,inserts and magazines in the bottom of one bin. * Cardboard and mixed paper go in the other. * Glass and Metal -- don't need to remove the labels or collapse the cans. -- Glass -- Put clean cap-less bottles in a grocery bag - don't tie the bag -- Metal -- In another untied bag put your metal cans, jar lids, clean foil and other metal. Set both bags on top of the newspaper. * Plastic 1 thru 5 . Put that along with your grocery bags and other soft plastic into another bag and place on top of the cardboard. Material: What we recycle 1. 2 recycling boxes (or equivalent) limit each week. 2. All Recycling MUST BE CLEANED or RINSED. 3. All Recycling MUST BE SORTED into the following 5 categories (You can separate the categories by using plastic shopping bags): Plastic - Includes hard plastic #1-5 only with a recycling symbol - Plastic bags; soft plastic that stretches - Milk Jugs Newsprint and magazines - Newspaper - Magazines - Inserts Mixed Paper - Includes all other paper and cardboard - Cardboard boxes MUST be broken down - Maximun size 3' x 3' - Shredded Paper - Milk Cartons - Phone Books - Textbooks Metal - Includes tin cans and small pieces of metal Glass - Includes all household glass (broken or whole) Refundable Beverage Containers - Please keep glass bottles seperate from pop cans and plastic water bottles etc. We do not accept the following: - Styrofoam - Foil lined potato chip bags - Plastic without a recycling symbol. - Dirty Recycling. - Batteries - Electronics - Motor Oil Containers/Corrosive containers(eg. Drano) - Fluorescent Tubes/Light Bulbs/Mirrors/Pyrex/Ceramics Fees: TERM AMOUNT 6 MONTHS DOUBLE LOAD $120.00 6 MONTHS $ 88.00 3 MONTHS $ 50.00 COMMERCIAL $ 230.00 BLUE RECYCLING BOX $12.00 Each NB;THE DOUBLE LOAD ALLOWS YOU TO PUT OUT 4 BOXES PER WEEK INSTEAD OF THE NORMAL 2 BIN LIMIT