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default map pin icon 20 Haven Avenue, Devon, AB, CA
Expanded listing for: Town of Devon
Hours of Operation

M, F, Sa 10:00am-5:00pm, W 4:00pm-7:00pm


Description: Behind the IGA and Devon Community Centre. Recycling Depot Fees The following items will be accepted for a fee: (Cash, Debit, VISA, Mastercard accepted) Vehicle Batteries $1.00 / Each Propane Bottles $5.00 / Bottle Garbage - Bagged $2.00 / Bag Garbage - Car Load $20.00 / Load Garbage - Pickup/Van/Trailer $30.00 / Load Garbage - Cube Van $50.00 / Load Small Items - i.e. Chairs $5.00 / Each Bulky Items - i.e. Sofas, Mattresses $10.00 / Item White Goods - ie. Fridges, Freezers, Stoves $10.00 / Item Blue Bag Recycling -Milk jugs/cartons -tin food cans -clear glass jars -refundable beverage containers -Plastic containers #1, 2, 3 or 5 -mixed paper (i.e. office paper, cereal/pasta boxes, corrugated cardboard, magazines, phone books, catalogues and flyers) -newspaper *Large pieces of cardboard (maximum 1.2 meters in length) that will not fit into the bag can be flattened and placed underneath the blue bags Can place out an unlimited amount of blue bags with your regular pick up. Blue bags should be placed out for pick-up by 7:00 am on your regular collection day. Yard Waste Collection Brown bags made specifically for yard waste can be purchased at local Devon retailers. The brown bag is for yard waste such as, -grass clippings and leaves -weeds -garden foliage -brush or prunings (limited to what will fit inside the bag) Brown bags are picked up May through October only. Brown bags are to be placed out for pick up by 7:00 am on your regular garbage day. There are other ways to recycle your yard waste: -leave grass clippings on you lawn and mulch them with your lawnmower (grass cycling) -use a back yard composter -take your grass clippings, leaves and branches, free of charge to the Recycle Depot Garbage Collection The Town of Devon will be providing roll out waste carts to each home in Devon. The black waste cart holds your garbage. Be sure to put the cart out at your regular garbage pickup location by 7:00 am on your usual collection day. DO NOT overfill your cart. Waste is limited to what will fit into the waste cart with the lid closed. Garbage left outside the cart will not be collected. Remember, the waste cart is for garbage only. If recyclable items are left in your cart, it may not be emptied.

default map pin icon Box 1260, 110 Bear Street, Banff, AB T1L 1A1, CA
Expanded listing for: Town of Banff
Hours of Operation

M-F 8:30am-4:00pm


Description: See notes regarding recycling bins, HHW round-ups, etc. LOCATIONS OF RECYCLING DEPOTS: * Downtown Depot, 200 block of Beaver Street in the public parking lot next to the Banff Fire Hall * Compound Depot, 1220 Hawk Avenue, opposite the Town of Banff Operations Building * Scrap metal bin, Town of Banff Operations Yard, 1220 Hawk Avenue (open 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday to Friday) * Cardboard Bins are located at the Downtown Depot and Compound Depot locations and behind most commercial buildings in the downtown laneways * The Bottle Depot, 152 Eagle Crescent (tel. 403.762.5010) NEIGHBOURHOOD RECYCLING TRAILER: Each week, the recycling trailer is rotated through a sequence of neighborhood locations, as follows: * Monday - Moose Street * Tuesday - Valleyview * Wednesday - 400 block of Cougar Street * Thursday - Springs Crescent * Friday - Glen Crescent * Saturday - Middle Springs (Jasper Way) * Sunday - Marmot Place Call us at 403.762.1240 if you have questions about our recycling program. BULKY ITEM PICK-UP: Spring and Fall Unwanted Item Pick-up The Town of Banff does both spring and fall pick-ups of oversized residential waste. These are scheduled in May and October. Residents can register to have furniture and appliances picked up by calling 403.762.1240. This collection service is free. BOTTLE DEPOT: The Banff Bottle Depot is located at: 101 Eagle Crescent (in the Industrial Compound) P: 403.762.2588 ACCEPTED IN BINS: CARDBOARD Cardboard for recycling should be clean, dry and flattened. Businesses with large volumes of cardboard should call 403.762.1240 to arrange to drop off materials directly at the main depot at the Operations Yard, 120 Hawk Avenue. We accept: * boxboard, including shoeboxes, and all food item boxes such as cereal, crackers, pasta etc. * photocopy paper wrapping * corrugated cardboard boxes * pizza boxes We do not accept: * plasticized cardboard * waxed cardboard (meat or produce containers) * soiled or oily cardboard GLASS Containers (clean with no lids) We accept all glass jars and bottles. You don't have to worry about removing labels, but jars should be clean with no lids. Any metal lids can be placed in the food can bin. Not accepted: * light bulbs or fluorescent tubes: these can be taken directly to the Operations Yard for disposal (nominal fee for disposal of fluorescent tubes and metal halide or high pressure sodium bulbs) * window panes or windshields * ceramic materials * cookware or tableware METAL CANS: This includes all metal cans (i.e. fruit cups, ribbed food cans, aerosol cans) and other small pieces such as hangars and pie plates. You don’t have to worry about removing labels, but cans should be clean. To minimize cuts and lost lids, ensure the lid is inserted into the can and pressed shut. MILK CONTAINERS: Milk Jugs (plastic) We collect milk jugs separately because we receive support from the Alberta Dairy Council. Please be sure to remove the caps. Milk Cartons (waxed paper) Cartons should be rinsed, flattened and placed in the specific bin at the Beaver Street depot. Lids If there is no number inside a Mobius Loop (that little triangular recycling symbol) on the lid, then it should be put in the garbage. PAPER PRODUCTS: Here is a list of all paper products accepted for recycling in Banff. We are unable to accept household paper items such as: tissue paper, paper towels, napkins and waxed paper. Businesses with large volumes of paper should call 403.762.1240 to arrange to drop off materials directly at the main depot at the Operations Yard, 120 Hawk Avenue. White Office Paper (note: you don't have to remove staples) * white or coloured paper * white photocopies * white or coloured loose-leaf paper * white recycled paper * white register tape * white or coloured envelopes * manila envelopes and file folders * computer paper * NCR (no carbon required) paper * Post-It™ notes and shredded office paper * photocopy paper wrapping (ream wrap) * glossy fax paper is acceptable, but it should be placed in the magazine bin * not accepted o padded envelopes o carbon paper o blueprint paper o paper clips o metal fasteners o rubber bands Newsprint (note: you don't have to remove staples) * clean dry newspaper * newspaper inserts * brown grocery bags * pet food bags (no plastic liners) Magazines * magazines * gift wrap * glossy fax paper * glossy flyers and brochures * catalogues Phone Books Phone books can be dropped off in the bin located at the Beaver Street depot all year. In the spring, there are extra bins at each depot. PLASTIC Bale of plastic collected for recycling in the Town of BanffAll plastic bottles, packaging, containers and milk jugs (see Milk Containers) are accepted, but not styrofoam and plastic bags. Just make sure all containers are rinsed and crushed. If you're not sure about an item, check the container for the Mobius Loop (that little triangular recycling symbol) and the number 1 through 7. This ensures an item can be recycled. SOFT PLASTIC DETAILS: Plastic grocery bags are accepted at both Banff grocery stores (Safeway, Keller Foods). BATTERIES (automotive and rechargeable): Rechargeable batteries can be dropped off at Town Hall in the bin under the main staircase, as well as at the Downtown Depot, and at the Compound Depot at Hawk Avenue. Lead Acid car batteries are accepted at the Compound Depot at Hawk Avenue. TIRES: Used tires can be dropped off at the Operations Compound at 120 Hawk Avenue. Please note that rims must be removed and can be left in the metal recycling area. SCRAP METAL AND APPLIANCES: Scrap metal or appliances are accepted at the Operations Yard (120 Hawk Avenue) between 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday to Friday. Fees may apply to some items. MOTOR OIL & ANTIFREEZE: motor oil and antifreeze is accepted at Standish Service and Star Service Stations (a fee may apply). More information is available from the Alberta Used Oil Management Association FURNITURE & APPLIANCES: Throughout the year, unwanted items can also be dropped off at the Town's Operations Yard at 120 Hawk Avenue in the Industrial Compound. Hours of operation are weekdays from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Please stop at the office to register before leaving any materials. There may be a small fee for some items. HAZARDOUS WASTE AND PAINT: The Town of Banff holds an annual Paint Exchange and Hazardous Waste Round-up. The designated day is April 18, 2009, and residents and businesses are invited to bring paints, solvents, roofing tar, adhesives and other hazardous items to this event for safe disposal. Businesses are asked to pre-register the type and volume of material they plan to drop off, call 403.762.1240 before April 18, 2009. LIGHT BULBS OR FLUORESCENT TUBES; SMALL CAMP STOVE PROPANE CYLINDERS; PAINT; : Can be brought to the Town of Banff Operations Compound, 120 Hawk Avenue (in the Industrial compound). Check in at the front counter from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday to Friday.

default map pin icon 5707 – 51 Street (north of the Public Works Yard on 50th Street, Wetaskiwin, AB, CA
Expanded listing for: City of Wetaskiwin Recycling Centre
Hours of Operation

8:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m. weekdays and 8:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. on weekends and holidays.


Description: The following items are accepted at the Wetaskiwin Recycling Depot: Electronic Waste (E-Waste) Televisions; computers; computer components; computer peripherals (monitors; keyboards; printers; mice). Paper: Office Paper (can be loose or in clear bags); white window envelopes; cardboard milk cartons; clean food paper containers; paper bags; magazines; flyers; newspaper Cardboard (blue bin) Chip boxes; beer boxes; laundry detergent boxes; any boxes from packaging; wrapping paper rolls; brown window envelopes. Corrugated Cardboard (green bin) Corrugated cardboard only. Please flatten cardboard to conserve space in the bin. Tin Cans Labels must be removed. No other metals allowed. Glass Glass jars and bottles only with lids and labels removed. No other glass allowed. All household Plastics Compost (in cement bunker) Grass; leaves; garden waste. No bags or branches please. For more information on the next Household Hazardous Waste Roundup call 780-361-4448 (next one expected Spring 2016).