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default map pin icon 1010 S. State St. , Hart , MI 49420, USA

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Expanded listing for: Oceana HHW Collection Event- August 21, 2021

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Description: The Oceana Conservation District is the host of the HHW Collection Event and is a local unit of state government organized under provisions of Act 297 (Public Acts of 1937) as amended.The district is governed by a five-member, locally elected Board of Directors. Conservation districts in Michigan were formed to provide natural resource management services that help residents conserve their lands and our environment for a cleaner, healthier, economically-strong Michigan. Our Mission is to promote conservation, stewardship and sustainable use of the natural resources in Oceana County through landowner assistance and education. We address local concerns including: water quality, soil conservation, erosion control, land use/forest management, nonpoint source pollution, invasive species management, habitat improvement, etc. The Annual Household Hazardous Waste/Clean Sweep and Electronics Collection Event is held each year on the 3rd Saturday of August in partnership with Mason and Manistee Counties who have their own collection sites on the same date and times. We do not accept any type of wastes at any other time and not ever at our office locations. On August 21 2021, we will be holding our 14th Annual HHW Collection Event in combination with Clean Sweep (pesticide collection), electronics and pharmeceutical collection.

default map pin icon 230 East Market Street, Clearfield, PA 16830, USA

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default map pin icon 900 Susquehanna Avenue, Curwensville, PA 16833, USA

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