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default map pin icon 5004 52nd Avenue, Whitecourt, AB T7S 1N6, CA
Expanded listing for: Town of Whitecourt
Hours of Operation

Mon-Fri 8:30-4:00


Description: see notes re garbage pick-up, curbside recycling and transfer station/landfill info. CURBSIDE GARBAGE PICK-UP: Pick up is provided by Northwest Sanitation: 780-778-4888 Tues - Hilltop Wed - Valley area Thur - Mobile home parks limit 2 bags. Extra garbage tickets can be purchased at the Town Hall for $2 TRANSFER STATION: NOTE: (Aug 2, 2008): Transfer Station has ordered recycling bins for household recyclables, but they have not arrived yet. They will call and advise (hopefully). In the meantime, curbside collection only - no more 24 bins in the Town): 1/2 km east of 35 Street on 41st Avenue Hours: Thus-Mon 11am-6pm (closed stats) Contact: 780-778-5157 For smaller loads of household garbage and some recyclables (paper, cardboard, tin, milk containers) E-Material Recycling Program The Transfer Station accepts electronic material for recycling! The following electronic materials are accepted at the Transfer Station: Televisions Desktop Computers Laptops Keyboards Printers Cables Speakers Grass, leaves and garden wastes are also accepted at the Transfer Station for composting. When decomposition is complete, the composted material is available free of charge to the public. The Town uses this material as well as a topsoil supplement for flowerbeds and as mulch for planted ornamental trees/shrubs. HOUSEHOLD HAZARDOUS WASTE: Drop off your household hazardous waste, antifreeze and paint any time of the year for free at the Whitecourt Transfer Station! Commercial and industrial hazardous waste will not be accepted. * acetone * aerosol paint/sprays * air fresheners (aerosol) * all-purpose cleaners * ammonia * antifreeze * batteries * barbeque starters * brake fluid and lining * butane refills * car (lead-acid) batteries * car waxes/polishes * contact cement * degreasers * disinfectants * drain cleaners * fabric sofeners * fungicides * furniture polishes/waxes * gasoline * glass cleaners * glues * hairsprays * insecticides * kerosene * lacquers * laundry detergents and starch * lighter fluid * liquid cleaners * lye * mercury thermometers * mercury oxidizers * mercury batteries * muriatic acid * nail polish and polish remover * oil (clean motor and automotive) * oven cleaners * paints (oil and water based) * paint thinners and strippers * photographic chemicals * rug and upholstery cleaners * rust remover * silver and brass polish * smoke detectors * solvents * spa and pool chemicals * spot removers * toilet cleaners * transmission fluid * turpentine * varnish * wallpaper cement * waxes * wax strippers * wood finish/preservatives * wood putty For more information, please contact the Solid Waste Facility Manager at 780-648-2273. LANDFILL Location: The Landfill is located 17 kilometers east of Whitecourt on Highway #43. Contact: 780-648-2273 Hours of Operation during Day Light Savings Time: Tuesday through Friday 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Monday and Saturday 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Hours of Operation during Standard Time: Thursday to Monday 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. The majority of wastes go to the main containment unit. There are separate storage compounds for tires, metal, pesticide containers and dry industrial wastes. Hazardous wastes are not accepted and no scavenging is permitted. Asbestos is accepted and disposed in accordance to Environmental & Health Regulations. There is an average of 44 vehicles per day in 2003 with approximately 17,610 tonnes of waste disposed of on site. Tires Small and medium sized tires are recycled through the Tire Recycling Management Board (TRMB). The TRMB administers a $4.00 tire surcharge. Waste Metal The Landfill receives, and separately stores, various waste metals such as white goods, car bodies and other metal materials. The Authority pays for Freon to be removed from refrigerators and freezers prior to being recycled. Sump Waste Several holding ponds accommodate for disposal of sump wastes (from commercial and industrial businesses). Waste manifests and testing procedures are in place to ensure proper non-hazardous materials are being disposed of properly. Once a holding pond is full, it is tested and the test results are satisfactory, the liquids are spray irrigated onto completed containment units and the sludge is dewatered and used for daily landfill cover. Car Batteries Car Batteries are accepted at the Landfill and Transfer Station, but must have the fluids drained out before being disposed. An Edmonton business buys the batteries and picks up several times per year for recycling. NEW CURBSIDE RECYCLING (AUG. 1, 2008): STOP BY TOWN OFFICE FOR 5 FREE RECYCLING BAGS: Co-mingled blue bag system. The new curbside recycling program is for residential customers currently being charged for garbage collection on their Town of Whitecourt water bill. The blue bag system is designed to accept household paper, cardboard, clear glass, tin & plastic containers. Please fold down and collapse all cardboard intended for recycling and place under your blue bags. Uncollapsed cardboard will not be collected. When will they Collect the Blue Bags? The weekly program starts Friday August 1, 2008 and will be every Friday from that day forward. Please have blue bags at your front curb (not back alley) for collection by 8 AM. Blue bags must be out in the open and clearly visible. Blue bags in garbage enclosures or containers will not be collected. There are no restrictions on the number of blue bags you put out. ACCEPTED: Newsprint/Heavy paper: newspaper, magazines, phone books, catalogues, f yers Mixed Paper: office paper, junk mail, shredded paper, etc. Boxboard: cereal boxes, pasta boxes, etc. Containers: milk jugs & cartons, food cans, clear glass jars, beverage containers, plastic containers #1-7 Corrugated cardboard: flattened and folded beneath the blue bag NOT ACCEPTED: × Plastic toys × Bubble wrap / Plastic film × Styrofoam × Un-rinsed food containers × Toxic items (batteries,paint cans, aerosol cans) × Electronics or small appliances × Diapers × Ceramics × Scrap metal or wood × Food or yard waste × Coloured glass × Soiled paper (used tissue or paper towel, pizza boxes smeared with cheese, etc.) × Soiled containers If you are unsure if an item is recyclable, please contact the Town of Whitecourt at 780-778-2273.

default map pin icon 5120 - 52nd Street, Drayton Valley, AB T7A 1A1, CA
Expanded listing for: Town of Drayton Valley
Hours of Operation

M-F 8:30am-4:00pm


Description: See notes re curbside garbage and recycling as well as drop-off options CURBSIDE RECYCLING DETAILS: Co-mingled curbside program (blue bag) Items accepted: * Tin and Aluminum Cans: do not have to be flattened and the labels can stay on. * Glass: clear or coloured glass food containers are acceptable. * Newspapers: clean dry and uncontaminated. * Mixed Paper: All mixed paper except shredded paper can go in blue bags. Shredded paper should be in a separate blue bag and taken to the depot. It is not acceptable with other materials or door-to-door pick up. * Envelopes flyers boxboard and magazines * Corrugated Cardboard: must be flattened clean dry and uncontaminated. Boxboard pop cases pizza and cereal boxes are acceptable. * Clean Plastic Grocery Bags are acceptable. Place bags inside the blue bag. * Rigid Plastic: Only #1 and 2 clean plastic containers are acceptable. * Plastic Milk Jugs: Clear white plastic jugs must be well rinsed. Please remove lids and flatten as much as possible. Lids and caps or any other types of plastic leftover milk containers are not acceptable. * Milk Cartons: well rinsed and flattened as much as possible. Leftover milk is not acceptable. NOT accepted: * Wet or dirty paper products * Coloured glass mixed with clear tableware cookware and light bulbs lids or attachments dirty containers and ceramic materials are not acceptable * Styrofoam * Heavily taped or stapled packing material * Wet dirty or oily cardboard For more information please contact the Aspen Client Services Client Services Department at 780-542-5919. See website for collection schedule. RECYCLING DROP-OFF LOCATIONS: All household recyclable are accepted 24 hours at two locations: 1) beside Turbo Gas Station 2) beside Caesar's Inn

default map pin icon 4905 - 51st Avenue, Stony Plain, AB T7S 1Y1, CA
Expanded listing for: Town of Stony Plain
Hours of Operation

M-F 8:30am-4:30pm


Description: Bins located at : Stony Plain Rotary Recycling centre which is at the listed address. *** Blue bags *** Curbside recycling must be put into blue bags that will be picked up. Materials don't have to be sorted. Yard trimming goes into a separate container meant for yard trimmings. Every second week on the same day as your regular garbage collection day. Simply place your Blue Bag(s) where your usual garbage collection is picked up prior to 7:00 a.m. What can go in the blue bag: - Newsprint/Heavy paper (place in separate grocery bag) - Newspaper - Magazines - Phone books - Catalogues/Mixed Paper/ Boxboard - Office paper - Cereal boxes - Pasta boxes Please no shredded paper! - Corrugated Cardboard: should be collapsed flat and placed beneath the blue bag or bundled together and placed beside the blue bag. - Containers (clean with lids discarded) - Milk jugs / cartons - Tin food cans - Refundable beverage containers - Bottles / containers Please refer to recycling resin codes on plastic items. Code numbers 1, 2, 3 & 5 are acceptable for the blue bag. Not in blue bag: - Plastic film, wrappers or toys - Plastic bags (empty grocery bags, ziploc bags, etc.) - Bubble wrap - Miscellaneous pieces of plastic / plastic items - Styrofoam x Lids (incl. tin, glass and plastic lids) - Un-rinsed food containers - Toxic items (batteries, paint cans, aerosol cans) - Electronics or small appliances - Diapers - Ceramics - Scrap metal or wood - Food or yard waste - Soiled paper (used kleenex or paper towels, pizza boxes smeared with cheese, etc.) Collection Schedule: XMAS TREES 2008/2009 Ornament and tinsel removed (can be a safety hazard) A bin will be set up at the Rotary Reycling Centre Stony Plain at 4505-50 Ave open 24 hours 7 days a week and at the Parkland County Transfer Station on RR 11 Glory Hills Rd open Tues-Sat 9:00am-4:45pm The Town of Stony Plain in partnership with Fortis Alberta chips the trees and uses them for mulch in flower beds, etc.