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default map pin icon 20 Haven Avenue, Devon, AB, CA
Expanded listing for: Town of Devon
Hours of Operation

M, F, Sa 10:00am-5:00pm, W 4:00pm-7:00pm


Description: Behind the IGA and Devon Community Centre. Recycling Depot Fees The following items will be accepted for a fee: (Cash, Debit, VISA, Mastercard accepted) Vehicle Batteries $1.00 / Each Propane Bottles $5.00 / Bottle Garbage - Bagged $2.00 / Bag Garbage - Car Load $20.00 / Load Garbage - Pickup/Van/Trailer $30.00 / Load Garbage - Cube Van $50.00 / Load Small Items - i.e. Chairs $5.00 / Each Bulky Items - i.e. Sofas, Mattresses $10.00 / Item White Goods - ie. Fridges, Freezers, Stoves $10.00 / Item Blue Bag Recycling -Milk jugs/cartons -tin food cans -clear glass jars -refundable beverage containers -Plastic containers #1, 2, 3 or 5 -mixed paper (i.e. office paper, cereal/pasta boxes, corrugated cardboard, magazines, phone books, catalogues and flyers) -newspaper *Large pieces of cardboard (maximum 1.2 meters in length) that will not fit into the bag can be flattened and placed underneath the blue bags Can place out an unlimited amount of blue bags with your regular pick up. Blue bags should be placed out for pick-up by 7:00 am on your regular collection day. Yard Waste Collection Brown bags made specifically for yard waste can be purchased at local Devon retailers. The brown bag is for yard waste such as, -grass clippings and leaves -weeds -garden foliage -brush or prunings (limited to what will fit inside the bag) Brown bags are picked up May through October only. Brown bags are to be placed out for pick up by 7:00 am on your regular garbage day. There are other ways to recycle your yard waste: -leave grass clippings on you lawn and mulch them with your lawnmower (grass cycling) -use a back yard composter -take your grass clippings, leaves and branches, free of charge to the Recycle Depot Garbage Collection The Town of Devon will be providing roll out waste carts to each home in Devon. The black waste cart holds your garbage. Be sure to put the cart out at your regular garbage pickup location by 7:00 am on your usual collection day. DO NOT overfill your cart. Waste is limited to what will fit into the waste cart with the lid closed. Garbage left outside the cart will not be collected. Remember, the waste cart is for garbage only. If recyclable items are left in your cart, it may not be emptied.

default map pin icon Airdrie, AB, CA
Expanded listing for: City of Airdrie - Seasonal Recycling Programs
Hours of Operation

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Description: Summer Programs (May1 - Sep 30): Toxic Round-up: Bring your household hazardous wastes, such as pesticides, paint, solvents, glues and cleaners to the Eastside Recycling Depot for proper disposal. Bike sales: Each year bicycles are recovered from parks and along pathways. The City of Airdrie holds bikes for a minimum of 30 days to give owners an opportunity to reclaim their bikes. If unclaimed, the bikes are brought to the Eastside Recycle Depot and offered for sale to Airdrie residents for a nominal fee. Grass and leaves bin: Grass clippings and leaves are accepted at the Eastside Recycle Depot. Residents may choose to bring grass and leaves that could not fit in their green cart or wait until their next scheduled collection. NO sod or pet waste will be accepted. Fall and Winter Programs: Christmas tree chipping: Recycle your Christmas tree! Residents can drop off their Christmas trees at the Eastside Recycle Depot until the middle of January, following Boxing Day. Please ensure trees are free of all decorations and please do no bag or wrap your tree (including recycling tree bags). Christmas Light Strands: Christmas light strands that have light bulbs removed can be dropped off at the Eastside Recycle Depot. Pumpkin Recycling: Please place your Halloween pumpkins into your green cart for recycling. If you do not have a green cart, pumpkin drop off bins will be available at the Eastside Recycle Depot for one week after Halloween.

default map pin icon 304 South Herman Street, New Bremen, OH 45869, USA
Expanded listing for: Village of New Bremen Yard Waste Facility
Hours of Operation

Call the Village of New Bremen


Description: Brush and limbs are picked up curbside on Mondays There is no charge for this service but they must be placed in the treelawn between curb and sidewalk. Please do not place them along the alley. Curbside leaf pickup is offered at no charge on a seasonal basis. The beginning and ending dates will be announced. Leaves are to be put in a windrow on the street once the curbside pickups begin. Do not mix any grass or brush with the leaves. Brush pickup is suspended during leaf pickup season. If you have a major tree and/or limb removal project, the Village will park a dump truck at your property overnight or over the weekend. The truck will be locked and you cannot move it but you can fill up the bed with limbs and firewood. On the next business day, the Village will drive the truck away and dump the material. There is no charge for this service but you must schedule an appointment by calling the Public Works garage at 629-2802. Grass clippings, leaves, or firewood may be brought to the Village Yard Waste Facility on N. Walnut Street, near the wastewater department facilities. There is no charge to dispose of yard waste this way, but absolutely no plastic bags or other foreign material may be mixed with the yard waste. Village of New Bremen Yard Waste Facility Rules and Regulations: •VILLAGE RESIDENTS ONLY: This facility is for the use of Village Residents ONLY. •YARD WASTE ONLY: No dumping of garbage, construction material, junk or demolition. debris is permitted. •NO PLASTIC BAGS: Do not leave material in plastic bags. Empty the contents of the bags and place the empty plastic bags in the barrel provided. •Observe the signs and place material in the appropriate barrel provided. •Only mulch and firewood may be removed from the facility, and is only for use on residential properties in the New Bremen village limits. There is a limit of two pickup truck loads of mulch per year. •Violations of these Rules and Regulations will be prosecuted as Misdemeanors.