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default map pin icon 1201 4 Ave. South, Wainwright, AB T0B 4P0, CA
Expanded listing for: Wainwright Landfill/Waste-to-Energy Plant
Hours of Operation

M-F 8:00am-5:00pm, Sa 8:00am-4:00pm


Description: Call for directions See notes for fees. HHW Round Up is the first weekend of May every year. That is when paint and pesticides can be dropped off. Fees Metals .......................... $34 a Tonne Appliances with freon ........ $20 Per Unit Appliances non freon ......... $5 Per Unit Concrete Clean ........................................ $16 a Tonne Large Chunks and/or filled with rebar ... $102 a tonne Asphalt ....... Free Dead Animals ..... $40 General Waste .... $68 a tonne Construction and Demo ....... $102 a tonne Clean fill .................. Free Acceptable Materials: * Glass Clean clear glass is only accepted. Lids must be removed. Glass containers including food, beverage, toiletries and household products. Plate, flat, glass, window glass and tempered glass are accepted. \"No\" wired glass, windsheilds, Malibu rum bottles, light bulbs and whole fluorescent tubes, Corelle, Pyrex, Vision, Corningware, fiberglass, mirrors, ceramic bottles, dinner plates, coffee mugs, pottery, china, fertilizer, herbicide and pesticide containers. * Cans and Metals Remove labels and wash cans thoroughly. Re-insert lid and compress open end to retain lid. Includes pop and beer cans, tin food cans, aluminum pie plates, license plates, cookie sheets and clean metals less than 4 feet long. \"No\" metal hangers, wire, propane tanks, paint or gas cans, aerosol cans, pesticide cans or hazardous waste containers. * E-Waste Televisions, Computers including monitor, keyboard, mouse, cables and speakers, Printers and printer/scanner/fax combination. for a list of accepted materials, see here:

default map pin icon 7 Chevigny Street, St. Albert, AB T8N 5A3, CA
Expanded listing for: City of St. Albert Mike Mitchell Recycling Depot
Hours of Operation

Tu, Wed, Fri: 10:00am-6:00pm, Th: 12:00am-8:00pm, Sa 9:00am-5:00pm Closed Su/Mo and all Statutory Holidays


Description: See website for information on curbside garbage and recycling pick-up. They accept: - Garbage - Newsprint - Flyers - Paper Waste - Magazines - Catalogues - Phone Books - Hard and soft cover books - Cereal and food boxes - Corrugated cardboard - Metal Cans (Rinsed out) - Clear Glass Jars (no labels, no coloured glass) - Car, light/medium truck tires - rim diameter up to 19.5" -Off the road tires - rim diameter up to 39" - Bicycle tires Electronics: - Televisions - Computer screens - Computer Speakers/cables - Printers - Laptops - Microwaves - DVD and VHS players - Radios Household Hazardous Waste, including: - CFL's - Batteries - Oil, oil filters and containers - Antifreeze - Paints Full range here at St. Albert residents can also take household hazardous wastes to the Edmonton Eco Station locations year-round. Not accepted: Plastics -Any plastic containers -Plastic film bags (e.g. grocery bags) -Plastic packing material ("bubble pack") or Styrofoam plastic -Plastic toys, dishes, cutlery, cups Miscellaneous and Contaminated Items -Rubber -Plastic or wax-coated paper, such as gift wrap -Aluminum foil wrap -Propane tanks or bottles, and gasoline or fuel containers that should be taken to the City of Edmonton's Eco Stations -Hangers -Ceramics, china, porcelain, clay -Plate glass (from mirrors or windows) -Pyrex items The City of St. Albert provides all households and a small number of multi-family homes and condo complexes with a green organics cart for use in the curbside organics program. Residents can utilize the carts to properly dispose of organic material such as grass and food waste, to be converted into high quality compost.

default map pin icon 215 W Washington St, Lebanon, IN 46052, USA
Expanded listing for: Modern Cleaners

Description: Useable wire hangers.