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default map pin icon 1169 Oakleigh Drive, East Point, GA 30344, USA
Expanded listing for: Pratt Recycling Atlanta
Hours of Operation

6 am - 5 pm


Description: We provide one-stop reduction and recycling solution by offering businesses a compreehensive waste audit. This results in a fully-integrated program to take waste materials - saving customers both time and landfill disposal costs - then convert them into new products. If they can't be recycled, we look for other end-use solutions like fuel for clean energy. Landfill disposal is a last resort. Pratt Recycling is also a full-service recycler, meaning wwe collect more than just paper. We also recycle metals and glass from communities and businesses throught the US, as well as plastics. Specifically, we recycle LDPE shrink film, and PET strapping, PET, HDPE plus #3-7 plastics. Additionally, we source a cariety of previously-landfilled materials - including wood waste and no-recyclable plastics - to fuel a state-of-the-art clean energy plant at our Conyers campus.

default map pin icon 1800 North Water Street, PO Box 2312, Maumee, OH 43537, USA
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default map pin icon 9501 Jerusalem Rd., Curtice, OH 43412, USA
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