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default map pin icon 2116 25 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T5B 4K3, CA
Expanded listing for: Silver Recovery Systems Of Canada Ltd.

Description: Silver Recovery Systems is a Canadian company focused on recycling silver from film-based photo-imaging: medical x-ray, graphic-arts, industrial x-ray, and photo-finishing. At a time when efficiency, cost effectiveness, and pollution are all factors, Silver Recovery Systems of Canada Ltd. has developed a film wash plant that addresses all these concerns and more. Our patented recovery methods are designed to be cost effective and efficient. Each stage of the process is carried out in a carefully controlled environment in order to maximize the amount of silver recovered. An Efficient, Productive and Integrated Recovery System 1. Silver bearing film is sorted, weighed, and accounting of silver from each batch of film is strictly controlled. 2. Silver emulsion on film is easily removed by a patented enzyme formula. 3. Silver sludge is removed by centrifugation, rendering clean effluent to act as a rinse. 4. The sludge lends itself well to smelting procedure. 5. The bottom line. 6. Clear sheets of PET, ready for recycling. 7. Value added end products.

default map pin icon 950 Valley Belt Road, Brooklyn Heights, OH 44131, USA
Expanded listing for: RKDF

Description: Does not accept the following: plastic bags/bagged material, auto parts, combustible materials, street sweepings, industrial solid waste, furniture, bedding, sludge, oil soaked wood, asbestos, large appliances, hazardous waste, infectious waste, solid waste, asbestos containing waste

default map pin icon 3426 West Locust Road, Beatrice, NE 68310, USA
Expanded listing for: BASWA
Hours of Operation

8am-4pm M-F


Description: BASWA does not accept any hazardous material. This includes sludge, oils degreasers, solvents, paints or mercury containing objects. Visual inspections are done at the time of bailing remove any of the items above. BASWA does recycle used oils and has a contractor come and remove this material. BASWA separates tires, scrap iron materials tires and any white goods (ovens, washer, driers, freezers) these white goods are taken for a $5 charge and when we have a full dumpster of them we take them to the scrap iron dealer. Tires and paints are held until an amnesty day is given for the specific item then they are turned in. All yard debris (grass, mulch, woodchips) are taken to the compost area of landfill and dumped off and used to produce compost which is sold at 5$ per pickup load to public. Wood material such as brush is dropped off at the brush location at landfill for free and when area is full we have it chipped and is free to the public and also used in the landfill.