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default map pin icon 5900 Hannan Road, Wayne, MI 48184, USA
Expanded listing for: Waste Management - Woodland Meadows RDF

default map pin icon 5900 Hannan Road, Wayne, MI 48184, USA
Expanded listing for: Woodland Meadows Recycling and Disposal Facility - Waste Management
Hours of Operation

Please call for current hours of operation as hours can change seasonally. Recycling fees may apply for non-Van Buren Township residents.

  • Rinse or wipe clean all food or other residue from bottles & containers
  • No Bags, Wrap or Film Plastic
  • No Black Plastic
  • No Blister Pack (clear formed plastic packaging around products like toys, hardware and electronics)
  • No Buckets
  • No Caps
  • No Containers that held Hazardous Products
  • No Cups
  • No Electronics/Appliances
  • No Flower Pots
  • No Foam
  • No Foam Blocks/Shapes
  • No Foam Food Service: cups, plates, take-out containers
  • No Foam Peanuts
  • No Food Contaminated Containers
  • No Frozen Food Bags
  • No Lids
  • No Microwavable Containers
  • No Motor Oil Bottles/Containers
  • No Other Film
  • No Plastic marked Other (7)
  • No Plastic marked PS (6)
  • No Plastic marked PVC (3)
  • No Pouches (stand up bags or squeeze pouches for items such as: ground coffee, juice, dried fruit, yogurt, laundry, oil)
  • No Products that Contain Bio- or Oxi- Degradable Additives
  • No Products that are Compostable (e.g. PLA)
  • No Straws
  • No Thin Foamed Sheets/Wrap (used around products like electronics)
  • No Toys
  • No Toys with Metal or Electronic Components
  • No take-out, produce, deli/bakery clamshells/Trays

Description: Waste Management is the nation's largest environmental services provider and North America's largest residential recycler. Over the years, we've focused on raising awareness of the urgent need to get serious about recyclng - its economic and its well established environmental value. Learn more about the importance of recycling by visiting our website Please consult your current waste services provider or your local unit of government for the most accurate list of recyclables that can be collect in your curbside program (if curbside programs exist in your area).

default map pin icon Okotoks, AB, CA
Expanded listing for: Foothills Regional Landfill & Resource Recovery Centre
Hours of Operation

M-Sa 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Closed on stats (please arrive with enough time to empty your vehicle prior to 4:30 p.m.)


Description: Located on Highway 783 (16 Street E.), 5.5 Km south of Highway 7, 5 km north of Highway 543. Landfill rates effective January 2, 2016: General Waste Minimum Charge $ 10.00 up to 100 Kg Municipal Solid Waste $ 90.00 Hard to Handle $ 159.00 Special Handling $ 175.00 (fire debris) Animal Products $ 159.00 Mixed Recycling $ 70.00 Cardboard $ 70.00 Yard Waste $ 70.00 Construction Waste Construction & Demolition $ 150.00 Asphalt Shingles $ 90.00 Wood $ 65.00 Clean Wood $ 50.00 Drywall $ 70.00 Concrete $ 50.00 Asphalt $ 70.00 Metal $ 70.00 Landscape Material for Sale Green Wood Chip $ 40.00 Clean Wood Chip $ 40.00 Compost $ 25.00 Sandstone $ 30.00 Gypsum $ 25.00 Landscape Material Bulk $ 15.00 (Commercial) Soils Mixed Soil $ 25.00 (clay, gravel, black dirt) Cover soil with debris $ 25.00 Clean Topsoil $ 20.00 Street Sweepings $ 62.00 No Charge Materials Grass, Leaves & Sod Batteries Electronic Waste Tires Paint Oil Household Hazardous Waste Grain Bags Propane Tanks - (not incl automotive propane tanks) Surcharges- tipping fees may apply in addition Freon Appliance $ 20.00 Automotive Propane Tanks $ 25.00 HHW $ 50.00 (Elligible over 20 L) HHW $ 100.00 (Inelligible over 20 L) 45 Gallon Drums of Labelled Chemicals $ 450.00 Untarped or Unsecured Load $ 10.00 Equipment Assistance $ 75.00 Prepaid Voucher Booklet $ 75.00 residential garbage only (10 Vouchers) Materials Not Accepted Commercial, Business, Industrial hazardous waste Unlabeled household hazardous waste Waste fuel Explosives, ammunition, radioactive material