Acme Electronics Recycling

13500 Mozart St, Blue Island, IL 60406, USA

Business to Business ISO 14001 Certified Recyclers of: CPUs, Towers, Laptops, Mainframe Computers, Hard Drives, Peripherals, Servers , Routers, Keyboards, Mice, Monitors, Power Supplies, Cables, Computer Components, Modems, Printed Circuit Boards and more Industrial Equipment , Electronic Controllers, Power Supplies, Robotic Assemblies, Motors, Test Equipment, Transformers, Switches, Transmitters, Meters, Medical Equipment, Ultrasounds, Diagnostic Imaging Equipment, X-Ray Equipment, Blood Pressure Equipment, Endoscopy Equipment, Dialysis Equipment Security Electronics Devices, Cameras, DVR, Tape Recorders, CCTV Monitors, Alarm Panels, Alarm Sensors,Controllers, Office Equipment,Printers, Fax Machines, Overhead Projectors, Copiers, Scanners, Electronic Typewriters Personal Electronics, CD Players, DVD Players, Camcorders, Radios, Stereo Equipment, Tape Players, VCRs, iPods and MP3 Players, Remote Controls , Hair Dryers, Small Kitchen Appliance, Communications Equipment, Two-Way Radio, Telephones, Cell Phones, Cables, Satellite Dishes, Pagers, PDAs, Transmitters, Receivers, Answering Machines

materials accepted

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