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Town of Clayton Transfer Site

36243 County Route 4, Clayton, NY 13624, USA


materials accepted

  • Include lids with containers
  • Rinse or wipe clean all food or other residue from bottles & containers
  • Separate non plastic (e.g. paper or metal) attachments from plastic products
  • No Bags, Wrap or Film Plastic
  • No Foam
  • No Foam Blocks/Shapes
  • No Foam Peanuts
  • No Frozen Food Bags
  • No Hazardous Product Containers
  • No Thin Foamed Product Wrap/Sheets


Member of the following program(s):



  • Do newspapers and junk mail go in the same bin?

    Yes, they do.

  • What do I do with my tin cans?

    Clean tin cans now go in their own container, no longer in the large bin of other metal.

  • What do I do with my cardboard?

    Corrugated cardboard will go in the same bin that you use now and other thin, coated cardboard (soda cartons, cereal boxes, etc.) will go in one of the slots on the bin.

  • What recyclables are acceptable at the Transfer Station?

    PLASTIC Bottles, containers & tubs with 1-7–containers should be empty & rinsed, no styrofoam (even with a symbol), no automotive oil containers, no plastic bags GLASS Bottles & jars–no need to separate by colors, containers should be empty & rinsed No windows, plate glass, mirrors, broken glass, dishes, drinking glasses, ceramic dishes, clay pots, light bulbs METAL Tin food cans, aluminum food & beverage cans, aluminum pans and foil–containers should be empty and rinsed MIXED PAPER Office & copier paper, junk mail and envelopes, newspaper, magazines & catalogs, shredded paper, telephone books, paperback books, hardcover books if cover is removed. No hardcover books without cover removed, paper cups, plates, tissue & toilet paper, carbon paper LIGHTWEIGHT CARDBOARD Cereal & food boxes CARDBOARD Corrugated cardboard boxes, paper grocery bags, no wax, plastic, styrofoam or metal coatings BATTERIES Single use Alkaline & Lithium, Rechargeable Nickel-cadmium, Lead Acid, Lithium Ion,

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