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3240 West 800 South, Ashley, IN 46705, USA

At Brightmark, we like to think of ourselves as "Earth's Cleanup Crew," taking the waste out of nature and turning it into something good that benefits humanity. We recycle all plastic types 1-7, unlock their value, and create new products. We are the only company on Earth that can take all plastic types 1-7 and then provide real solutions. Currently, we are building the largest advanced plastics recycling facility on the entire planet. Here's a glimpse of how our technology works: 1. Post-use plastic is collected and shipped to our Plastics Renewal facility in Ashley, IN. Once received plastic is prepped by shredding, removing metals, drying, and pelletizing 2. Pellets are then extruded and feed into conversion vessels. Once inside, the material is heated and vaporized in an oxygen starved environment. 3. Vapor is captured and cooled into a hydrocarbon liquid. Which is processed into products such as recycled naphtha, ultra-low sulfur diesel, and eco-wax. 4. The finished products are then ready to be used again.

materials accepted

  • Separate non plastic (e.g. paper or metal) attachments from plastic products
  • No Compostable Products (e.g. PLA)
  • No Electronics/Appliances
  • No Hazardous Product Containers
  • No Plastic marked PVC (3)
  • No Products that Contain Bio- or Oxi- Degradable Additives
  • No Toys with Metal or Electronics


Member of the following program(s):



  • What form factors can you take?

    Currently we can only accept baled or material in gaylord boxes.

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