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City of Columbia Landfill

5700 Peabody Road, Columbia, MO 65202, USA

The City of Columbia Bioreactor Landfill operates using environmentally-sound engineering practices for disposal of solid waste while complying with state and federal regulations. The current disposal cell (Cell 5) is the second cell permitted to operate as a bioreactor, where liquids are added to the waste to accelerate decomposition, waste stabilization, and gas production. Methane gas generated from the landfill is being converted to electricity at the on-site Bioenergy Plant operated by the Water & Light Department since June 2008. A small vehicle drop-off is available for customers that want to avoid driving on the landfill. The small vehicle drop-off containers are located immediately after passing the scale house. This drop-off location is intended to improved customer convenience and operational safety since driving onto the landfill could be hazardous for small vehicles.

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  • Do you take tires?

    Yes, but they are treated as regular trash and MUST be cut up. In thirds (like macaroni pieces) or with the sidewalls out. Standard tonnage fee applies.

  • Do you take TV's?

    Yes, they are treated as regular trash. Standard tonnage fee applies.

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